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Although not necessary, we would absolutely love your support in continuing this show, through subscribing to our Patreon.


We love working on this show, and have had some incredible voice actors and audio editors join us. As two creatives who have been fortunate enough to study writing and are now living their dream of creating something we're super proud of, we want to support other artists and creatives. So every contributor, voice actor and audio editor we work with is paid a pre-agreed fee. Season One is fully self-funded. Your support via the Patreon would help us continue creating this audio-drama. 

We have set up multiple tiers on this Patreon that hopefully covers something you will all love. From discount on Silt Verses and  Eskew merchandise, to bonus content for both shows, to cast interviews, deep dives into the creators' thinking and much, much more. You can support by subscribing, and pick the tier that suits you. 

And as always, subscribing is not necessary to enjoy this show. Outside of The Patreon, we will always strive to make our audio-dramas free to access as well as the script itself. If you do want to show your support outside of financially contributing, then we'd be happy with spreading the word, sharing our posts and telling your friends and social circles about us. As always, we are so grateful and thankful. 

The Silt Verses Store

And of course, what's an audio-drama without merchandise! We've created a range of products you can buy, so you can have the  nightmarish worlds of Eskew and The Silt Verses ever present in your homes. We're still working on the store, so keep your eye on it as it updates and more products are added! 


From t-shirts, to tote bags, cushions and laptop sleeves, you can pick your favourite. And of course, we're happy to try and add anything you'd like to see! Just contact us and let us know. 

So go, browse and hopefully you'll find something to your liking. 

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