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The Show

Carpenter and Faulkner, two worshippers of an outlawed god, travel up the length of their deity’s great black river, searching for holy revelations amongst the reeds and the wetlands.


As their pilgrimage lengthens and the river’s mysteries deepen, the two acolytes find themselves under threat from a police manhunt, but also come into conflict with the weirder gods that have flourished in these forgotten rural territories.


This is a world where divine intervention takes place through prayer-markings scratched into stumping-posts, and offerings are left squirming to die in the flats of the delta.


This is a world of ritual, and hidden language, and sacrifice.


This is folk horror, and fantasy, and a dark road trip into the depths of unusual faith.

What is The Silt Verses?

From the creators of the highly acclaimed I Am in Eskew, comes a new folk-horror audio drama. Initially the show focuses on two characters, but opens up to include a range of voice actors, multiple cities and towns in the world built specifically around this podcast. 


Season One includes 15 episodes between 40-60 minutes, with a fortnightly release schedule. The show is free to listen to and is supported by fans across Patreon. The creators are funding this show entirely out of pocket, so any Patreon subscribers are directly helping us fund the voice actors and audio editors who have been paid to be involed with Season One. 


If you want to support us, you can do so by becoming a Patron! We also have a merchandise store, where you can get fan memorabilia.


We are committed to releasing Season One according to the release schedule, but as the creators work full-time we will keep updated if this changes. 

The Creators


Jon (Writer, Voice Actor)

Muna (Producer, Editor, Voice Actor)


The Silt Verses is written by Jon and produced by Muna, the husband and wife team behind I Am In Eskew, co-owners of Eskew Productions, and  voices of David Ward and Riyo Duale.


Jon and Muna met at University where they were de-facto rivals throughout their writing degrees, then decided that joining super powers would be better. They accidentally stumbled onto audio-drama when creating I Am In Eskew. 


All Patreon content is curated or created by this team, but they are supported by a stellar range of voice actors across the season. 


You can read all about our amazing cast in our Cast and Creators section. 

But below we've added the main voice actors throughout Season One:

Méabh de Brún: Carpenter

B.Narr: Faulkner

Jimmie Yamaguchi: Hayward

Jamie Stewart: Mason

Lucille Valentine: Page

David S. Dear: Sid Wright

Our brilliant Audio Editors are Espii Studios (Episode 1 and 2) and Sammy Holden (Episode 3 onwards) 

Statistics and Listeners


The Silt Verses is now 8 episodes into its first Season, andis already averaging 1000 listens per episode, within the first seven days of release. It has been extremely well received by fans, old and new. 


Some of our amazing fans have been busy creating some incredible art, which you can peruse across Tumblr.  All art is owned by each creator. 




A transcript is released with each episode, and can always be found here and across Patreon. 

As content creators, we're passionate about supporting talent from historically excluded communities, including but not limited to BIPOC and LGBTQ+ talent. See more here if you're a voice actor who wants to audition. 


Content Warnings:

As with all Eskew Productions content, there is disturbing imagery including blood, violence, body horror, body transformation and references to mental health within the worlds we create. Please consume the show at your discretion. We do not recommend any Eskew Production audio-dramas for children. 

Media Kit 

You can find our logo, and other approved artwork/imagery here. For anything missing, drop us a quick line and we'll be in touch as soon as we can!