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Jon Ware

Writer of The Silt Verses and I Am In Eskew. (Also, the voice of David Ward on Eskew). Jon often wonders whether he's just a jumble of Simpsons trivia and self-deprecation. He loves creating weird fiction and horror, and would some day like to get across to writing the great haunted boarding-school novel.

Muna Hussen

Producer of The Silt Verses and voice of Riyo in I Am In Eskew. Muna has been writing her whole life, starting with a dinosaur themed novel age 9. Since then, she's written poetry, staged plays and is working on a sci-fi novel, alongside The Silt Verses. 

Audio Production

Espii Studios audio edited Episode 1 and 2. This brilliant audio editor works in live, digital, and virtual forms of storytelling through multimedia theatre, audio dramas, virtual/augmented reality, and immersive experiences.

Sammy Holden edits Episode 3 onwards, and  is freelance filmmaker, artist and educator with a media specialism. Sammy has taken on a wide variety of past roles, including audio and visual editing, and has worked in theatre with Wigan Autistic Theatre Company, as well as directing their own short films. They hope you enjoy venturing into The Silt Verses and advise you to watch for the river rising.

Recurring Roles 

B. Narr (Faulkner)

B. Narr is a queer horror writer and voice actor from Oklahoma. When they’re not doing creative work, B moonlights as a grad student and occasionally gets lost in the woods.

David S. Dear (Sid Wright)

Nearly 30 years ago David walked by an audition posting for a local playwright’s festival and said, “That sounds like fun!” That spontaneous jump onto the stage led him to perform in numerous staged productions. However, he discovered voice acting to be an ideal fit and parlayed his many years of theatre experience into audiobook narration and podcast production.


As an Audible Approved Producer, David produces and performs in numerous audiobooks and is the creator of the audio drama A Ninth World Journal, creator and co-producer of Deconstructive Criticism podcast, and appears in many other audio dramas. 

Jamie Stewart (Mason)

Now living high up on the Castle Rock of Edinburgh, Jamie was born and brought up on the Wirral peninsular, and knows well the sluggish and deceptive tides of the Dee and Mersey.

He trained at Birmingham School of Acting, and revels in physical, educational, classical, and Shakespearean theatre as much as audio drama. In fact, he came runner up in the 2006 Carleton Hobbes BBC Radio Drama awards, the same competition that launched Anthony Daniels' career. So one day Jamie  likewise hopes to work "Long long ago, in a galaxy far far away!

Spotlight profile

Jimmie Yamaguchi (Hayward)

Jimmie Yamaguchi is honored to be portraying the voice of Hayward. He has been voice acting professionally since 2019. His most recent voiceover credits include: Mobile Legends (Zilong), Death and Taxes (Florian “The Eradicator”),  Unmetal (Multiple roles) as well as Hello Fresh.


Jimmie received his BA in Communications, with a focus in theatre, from William Paterson University and has received voiceover training from Anna Garduno, Chuck McKibben and Edge Studio. When he isn’t diving into the world of voice acting, he works with special needs children during the day.

Lucille Valentine (Paige)


Lucille Valentine is a desert rat masquerading as a voice actor, poetry and fiction writer, visual artist, and sensitivity consultant. Since moving from Phoenix, Arizona to a Florida swamp, she spends her free time reading poetry to be sad on purpose and warding off slugs from her garden. You can hear her in numerous podcasts, including The Six Disappearances of Ella McCray, The Easiest of All the Hard Things, and Inn Between, and many others.

Méabh de Brún (Carpenter)

Méabh de Brún is an award-winning Irish playwright and actress. Her short fiction has featured in such publications as The Stinging Fly, Banshee Lit and Mysterion Magazine. 


She specialises in weird tales, ghostly happenings and Hiberno-English.

Other roles

Calder Dougherty (Stanton)


Calder Dougherty grew up in the theater near the swamps of central Florida, having played such roles as the Emcee in Cabaret, Enjolras in Les Miserables, and Bram Stoker's titular Dracula.


When not hunting obscure horrors, Calder fronts melodic death metal band Foreverless and is a contributing columnist to Heavy Blog Is Heavy. You may follow him on Twitter, though he may be currently lost in a shifting, rain-soaked city and unable to respond except in distressing memes.

Daisy Bilenkin (Charity)


Daisy Bilenkin is proud to be cast in this project, her debut vocal performance. She lives in New England, and aspires to continue participating in and contributing to the horror genre.  


Gordon Houston (Gareth)

Gordon was born in Stranraer, Scotland, and currently lives in Edinburgh. He received his BA(Hons) in Musical Theatre from UWS. 


The Silt Verses marks Gordon's first podcast work, and he had a blast working on it with such a brilliant cast and crew.


His recent credits include: Alister Crowley in Aleister Crowley Summons the Devil (Scenes for Survival, NTS) Jason/Tyrone in Hand to God, Yossarian in Catch-22 (Stage, both EGTG) and Henry Pulling in Travels with my Aunt (Stage, Arkle Theatre Company).

Damien Nieweswand (Vaughn)

Damien Niesewand is a nonbinary poet, aspiring voice actor, and most definitely not hiding in your closet. Located in NYC, he spends the majority of his time having entirely too many opinions about comic books, thinking about monsters, and doing one-woman Broadway shows to an audience of his partner and their bemused, brainless cat.

Parley Cook (Hooper)

Parley Cook is a horror podcast addict and semi-lapsed creative writer, and he's thrilled to be here. While not technically his voiceover debut, his role in The Silt Verses IS the first acting credit he's earned as a publicly out trans man.


For more information, you can find him @parleycook on Twitter--though like something going bump in the night, he usually lurks. 

Jonah Knight (Peterson)

Jonah Knight made paranormal modern folk music insanely popular by releasing many songs about ghosts, monsters, steampunk, and South Dakota. Find them at

After touring the mid-Atlantic United States convention scene for years, he departed for points west. 


He recently formed and began doing a bit of voice acting. Also, he worked in theater for a long time. He also attended the Supreme Pro Wrestling training academy and has worked 40-some matches as a pro wrestling referee. 

Mintaka Angell (Felix)

Mintaka Angell is a writer who believes in the beauty of horror, and stories as a way to hold out your hand in the dark. She lives in Brooklyn with two beloved roommates, a three-legged cat, and a slowly growing novel that may one day see the light.   


Caleb Del Rio (Brother Wharfing)


Caleb Del Rio is a rare species of digital archivist with reported sightings in the swamps around North Central Florida. According to some, he has developed an affinity for gardening, and when not tending to his plants, he can be spotted making wood carvings or chasing after his unruly pets. His voice may be heard in audio drama podcasts such as Valence, Inn Between, and Jim Robbie and the Wanderers.

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