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The Show

Carpenter and Faulkner, two worshippers of an outlawed god, travel up the length of their deity’s great black river, searching for holy revelations amongst the reeds and the wetlands.


As their pilgrimage lengthens and the river’s mysteries deepen, the two acolytes find themselves under threat from a police manhunt, but also come into conflict with the weirder gods that have flourished in these forgotten rural territories.


This is a world where divine intervention takes place through prayer-markings scratched into stumping-posts, and offerings are left squirming to die in the flats of the delta.


This is a world of ritual, and hidden language, and sacrifice.


This is folk horror, and fantasy, and a dark road trip into the depths of unusual faith.

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The Team





Muna (Producer, Editor, Voice Actor)

Jon (Writer, Voice Actor)


Jon and Muna are a husband and wife team living in London. Muna is an acclaimed performance poet. Jon has a big forehead and writes weird fiction.


Yes, that's the extent of the team so far. But watch this space.



How long will the show be?

Right now we're looking at 10-12 episodes of high-quality audio drama in a first season, with a mid-season break. Episodes to run between 20 and 30 minutes, and weekly or fortnightly releases.


If people like the end result, we'd love to do a season 2.


Is there going to be a Patreon?

Glad you asked! Yes, we're going to launch one once we're further along. Our wonderful backers will get extra lore content, interview episodes, and shout-outs.


If nobody backs the show and we can’t sustain our costs, we can quietly wrap the whole thing up afterwards and forget it ever happened.


Transcripts will be available for everyone on this site, because they should be.


Why do so many fiction podcasts have a title of ‘The ___ ____s’?

Yeah, there's a lot. But we liked this title best.